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Tonka Wave K-5 Youth Team

Practice, Pizza Pickup and Wayzata Scrimmage

Practice and Pizza Pickup Tonight
Practice as normal tonight. If you sold pizza please ensure that you pick it up tonight. Details:

  • If you have not paid for your order please bring the money tonight
  • Pizza pick up for the youth team begins at 5:45 and continues until 7pm during practice.
  • We will be in the west lot, in the back of the parking lot, across from the Veterans field entrance.
  • All the pizzas will be lined up by type In the order on the sheet.
  • Coach Frie and I will be handing out the pizzas and helping with the count.
  • Bring a copy of your form. If you cannot find yours we will have one copy.
  • The pizza comes in boxes and we will send a box or bag home with you to carry your order.
  • Once you receive the pizza we recommend that you deliver them after practice or ensure they get in a freezer. They need to remain frozen.

Please make every effort to pick up your pizzas tonight. Coach Frie and I get stuck with the left over pizzas and have to store them in our freezers. Since we both have large orders of our own we do not  have a lot of room.

Wayzata Scrimmage Thursday
We will be at home for a scrimmage against the Wayzata Youth Team. Details:

  • Location - Minnetonka High School - East Gymnext to wrestling room
  • Date and Time - Thursday 1/15 - Pairings and warm-up at 5:30, wrestling at 5:45.
  • Cost - Free to wrestlers and parents/guardians, check in at the registration table and tell them you are there for youth wrestling
  • Wrestlers - All wrestlers welcome PreK - 5th Grade
  • Opponents - We will pair up wrestlers by weight, age, size and skill level. Wrestlers should expect 1 but may get 2 matches. 
  • Practice - Normal practice for 6th - 8th grade. No practice for Tonka Tusslers or Tonka youth Thursday. If you do not want to wrestle please come to observe. 

Winter Training at No Nonsense Wrestling

Tonka Wave has partnered with the No Nonsense Wrestling (NNW) in St. Boni to provide additional in-season programs for our wrestlers. Preseason training resumes on January 6th for K-2nd and on January 7th for 3rd - 7th grade

NNW is based off F.A.S.T. (focused attack style training) where athletes will focus on specific details of footwork, angles, set ups, pressure and top and bottom technique. NNW uses a progressive drilling system that when taught over a period of time that will help young athletes drill and develop correct motor memory. The structure of the in-season sessions will be a lot of drilling and live wrestling. Technique focused will alternate between feet, top and bottom each week which will help keep wrestlers sharp in all positions. This will be a great opportunity for kids to get more mat time, learn new technique and get different looks from different partners during the wrestling season.

NoNonsense Traveling Dual Team

Josh and Joe representing Tonka on the NoNonsense Traveling Dual Team

ASICS Matflex 5 GS Wrestling Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid)

ASICS Matflex 5 GS Wrestling Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid)

Cliff Keen Youth F5 Tornado Heagear - Black or Blue

Cliff Keen Youth F5 Tornado Heagear - Black or Blue