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Tonka Wave K-5 Youth Team

The New Tonka Training Center with 3 Full Mats!


IF you did not make it to the first practice please join us tuesday - All Wrestlers welcome


Our introductory program is designed to give new kids a chance to “try wrestling”. The camp will highlight the rules and teach the fundamentals of wrestling. We welcome all new and returning wrestlers to the camp. 

  • Tuesday / Thursday’s (11/7 to 11/26) – 6 to 7pm – FREE.
  • The free camp will be held every Tuesday / Thursday through Tuesday, November 26th.
  • New Wrestling Center - 15400 Minnetonka Industrial Rd. Minnetonka, MN 55345 - Our new wrestling center will have an open area with 3 full mats (no more pillars)!
  • Please sign up online so we can keep track of all the new wrestlers!
  • Make sure your wrestler wears shorts/sweats, t-shirt and socks
  • Bare feet are not allowed on the mat 
  • Please arrive 15 minutes early and be ready to go at 6pm
  • Wrestling shoes and headgear are not required for the camp

Tonka Tusslers & Youth Wrestling Season Begins on Dec. 3rd
The Tusslers program introduces kids to the sport by utilizing drills, gymnastics and techniques that teach them the fundamentals of wrestling. Intro camp is highly recommended. Tusslers have the option, with coaches’ approval, to move up to the Youth program at the end or during the Tussle season.

The Youth program takes the base wrestling of knowledge to the next level. We practice 2 times a week and will teach technique, drills, conditioning and live wrestling.

Registration is open now. There is no fundraising commitment this year so the price has increased a small amount to cover those costs. Register here>>

Middle School Wrestling Still accepting Registration
The 6-8th Grade season begins soon at the Middle School. For more information on Middle School Wrestling:

  • Go to SSO Tonka login, click on Activity Registration, click on SmartSchoolK12 Apps and pick MMW Wrestling
  • Questions: contact Coach Dustin Michel

For more information contact Mike McAnally or James Heer at or call 612.817.9971 

NoNonsense Wrestling (NNW) in-season program

The NoNonsense Wrestling (NNW) in-season program gives  youth athletes and coaches an opportunity to spread a higher level of knowledge in to club wrestlers.  Building from a foundation of basic skills taught at the club gives us the opportunity coach at a faster pace and higher level. This is why we encourage all wrestlers to join NNW as an add on to their club wrestling experience. Learn more about NNW>>

ASICS Matflex 5 GS Wrestling Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid)

ASICS Matflex 5 GS Wrestling Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid)

Cliff Keen Youth F5 Tornado Heagear - Black or Blue

Cliff Keen Youth F5 Tornado Heagear - Black or Blue

NoNonsense Traveling Dual Team

Josh and Joe representing Tonka on the NoNonsense Traveling Dual Team