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2019-2020 Minnetonka High School Wrestling Team


Gabe Schumacher 1st Man of the Week Nominee

MAN OF THE MATCH goes to the wrestler of the week that the coaches nominate, for either a wrestling match they wrestled or hardwork for the week. We will be doing 1 wrestler per week. 


Gabe took 1st place at the Tonka Turkey Tussle and went 5-0 for the day.  Gabe had 4 pins for the day and also won a match 8-6 in a hard fought battle with a Very good kid from Goodhue. Congratulations Gabe for being Nominated as the first MAN OF THE MATCH. 

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Sign up to bring a nutritious breakfast for the morning workouts. Details can be found within the Signup Genius. We will need each parent to cover 1-2 breakfasts

2019-20 Tonka High School Wrestling

The 2019-20 Wrestling season is almost here, click the link below to start the registration process.   Registration and Warmup Uniform orders are due by October 28.



2019-2020 Fundraising Has Begun

Tonka Wrestling has started our annual fundraising drive.   The donations and fees will be used this year to support team operations including singlets, uniforms, overnight travel, camps and awards.

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2019 Captains





Eric Benson:

Eric is a Senior this year at Minnetonka High School and started wrestling when he was in Kindergarten. This will be his Third year wrestling on the Varsity Team for Minnetonka. What Eric likes most about wrestling is that it's a team sport and our team is really close and supportive of each other, but also stated that it's an individual sport also and you can stand out.  For Eric wrestling has personally taught him the value of hard work, toughness and discipline, along with making very close friendships.  Favorite memory would be going to state as a team my Sophomore year. Goals for this year, Team Goal :  I would like to see the team improve in their record from last year and make it to state. Individual Goal :  Make it to the state tournament. Eric plans on attending college next year and majoring in Business.  Advice for future Tonka Wrestlers is stick with the sport it really pays off.  Future captains: lead in the way that is most comfortable for you, lead in your own personal style.....





Tyler McReavy:

I started wrestling in 7th grade, this year will be my 6th, and it has been the best sport I've ever experienced. It has taught me many things, such as eating healthily, hard work, and leadership. However my favorite thing that it has taught me is determination. Wrestling has taught me to never give up, and to keep trying no matter how hard the task at hand. Determination has been the driving force for my education and future. I plan to attend college next year and continue wrestling on the side. This year I hope to help guide the team to winning our section and sending a lot of our guys to state individually, while also having fun doing it. When I leave this team I want the future captains to know that this sport isn't all about winning and doing well, wrestling is also about having fun and making connections. Some of my best memories I've had are from wrestling. My absolute favorite memory was when I was hanging out at the wrestling state tournament with my friends.

Team and Fan Apparel Webstore Open now until Friday, 12/6/19

New wrestlers should order their Player pack and everyone should consider some Fan gear.  Sorry, this order will deliver shortly after Christmas.


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Recent Tonka High School Wrestling Team News

Tonka Turkey Tussle

By Rian Firkus 12/02/2019, 8:15am CST

Tonka Turkey Tussle 2019

Congrats to Gabe Schumacher and Quinn Sell for taking first place at the 1st annual Tonka Turkey Tussle.  Both Wrestlers went 5-0 for the day winning the 145lbs (Schumacher) and 220(Sell) weight brackets.  Also Taking 4th place at 132lbs was Diego Pitt and at 182 Tyler McReavy.  Congrats to all wrestlers that competed this weekend it was a great tournament and a great way to start the season.